About Us

We are Boom Crate Studios. A family of filmmakers, animators, editors and writers. We love what we do and believe in curating the right team. Those that are masters of craft who value storytelling, design, and are genuinely good people.

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Our Team

  • Image of Kelly Mercer

    Kelly Mercer

    Co-Owner & Creative Director

    Kelly is the co-owner of Boom Crate Studios. She oversees strategy and creative and collaborates with the team to craft compelling work. She believes in telling stories that matter and that beautiful design brings great stories to life.

  • Image of Brian Mercer

    Brian Mercer

    Co-Owner & Director of Photography

    Brian is the co-owner of Boom Crate Studios. He oversees the visual development of each live action video we produce. He works with the team to create something unique for each client. He believes in paying attention and crafting stories that make a difference.

  • Image of Mitch Baker

    Mitch Baker

    Video Editor & Production Specialist

    Mitch is a craftsman with a diverse skill set that he brings to the Boom Crate team. Mitch gets at the heart of what our clients are all about. He has a keen eye and believes that hand crafted is always the way to leave your mark.

  • Image of Hunter Rupp

    Hunter Rupp

    Designer & Animator

    Hunter brings a unique talent for design and animation to the Boom Crate team. He combines his love for clean lines and simplicity with his passion for technology and innovation to create unique designs and animation.

  • Image of Jake Rhinehart

    Jake Rhinehart

    Designer & Animator

    Jake is a talented designer with a passion for the unexplored. He believes that being a good human sets the foundation for work that makes a difference. His beautiful design helps him create stories with compelling animation.

  • Image of Anna Beneke

    Anna Beneke

    Multimedia Designer

    Anna is a designer with a quick wit and sense of humor. Combined with her ability to concept and execute multiple styles, this creates a recipe for unique design and concepts that add a punch to the stories we tell at Boom Crate.

  • Image of Madison Hosier

    Madison Hosier

    Multimedia Designer

    Madison is a designer with a happy style and bright energy. She combines her unique design ability with a strong sense of organization, purpose and grit. Her ability to see the big picture brings a stellar energy to our storytelling!

  • Image of Patrick Johnston

    Patrick Johnston

    Video Editor & Production Specialist

    Patrick is our friendly neighborhood video professional. He brings a talent for crafting visual imagery through filming and editing and a passion and excitement for our craft. His unique background and storytelling ability helps bring to life the stories we create.

Our Studio

We are located on the 3rd floor of the Firefly Building in downtown Dayton. Our studio is equal parts inspiration and comfort. We believe that working in a space that fuels creative spirit affects the work we do, and we pay particular attention to a space that reflects the hard work and craftsmanship we put into everything we create.

Boom Crate office
Boom Crate office