Case Study

Airstream: Nest Video Series

A hero shot of the Airstream Nest trailer.

A Legendary Company

For more than 85 years Airstream has been a leading manufacturer of travel trailers. Located in Jackson, Ohio, this fantastic company produces trailers for adventure loving enthusiasts, and casual vacationers alike. We were really excited to partner with them on the launch of their newest product: The Nest.

The Work

Making it look like Summer

To launch this product, we had to showcase this product in its prime - Summertime. The only problem was, we had to film this product in Ohio, outside, in November. No problem, right? 

Film it on a green screen? It just wasn't feasible. 

Drive somewhere that looks like summer? With a brand new unit - we couldn't risk the eyes or the travel time.

Cue the evergreen forest.

Hero Image of Brian, Hunter, & Jake walking around the Nest.

We love what we do.

Filming in 24 degree, somewhat misty, weather during an Ohio November was pretty challenging. But it's a challenge we'd gladly take on again. Airstream products are legendary, and we were honored to help in the launch of this product. 

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What's Next?

Thousands of views and interactions happened almost instantly when Nest launched. The Nest is certainly going to be a force. We'll be updating periodically as this product continues to gain momentum. There are a few more videos in this series we can't wait to share! 

Big shout out to our collaborators: Graphica and Calabash. Projects of this size can't be accomplished alone and we are grateful for their partnerships!