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Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce: Dayton ReOpened

Dayton City Skyline

A Difficult Year

In Dayton - we've been through a lot. Memorial Day 2019 saw more than a dozen tornados that devastated our city. And on August 4, a day we'll never forget, a shooting in our beloved Oregon District took the lives of bystanders that has left a mark on our city that will never be erased.
And in 2020....a global pandemic that shut down businesses, caused countless numbers of illness and impacted not only us in Dayton, but the world.

We need a video that really shows what Dayton is all about. That celebrates the community, with a subtle nod to the Chamber support throughout the year.

- Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

A Video With Heart

The Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce planned an event that celebrated what Dayton is all about. They called it Dayton ReOpened Day and planned to feature Chamber businesses all day and celebrate what Dayton is all about.

And the Dayton Area Chamber came to Boom Crate to tell a story that could kick off Governor Mike Dewine's live presentation and close the day with a bang. Dayton businesses are strong, resilient and deserve a story that shows the grit, dedication and spirit that lives here.

Telling a Dayton Business Story

In Dayton, there are countless stories to tell, but for this, we focused on resilience, grit, passion, while featuring some strong voices in the city and their ability to overcome. Together.