Case Study

Dayton Children's Hospital: The Explorers

Aiden ready for takeoff

Fundraising for a communication system in the new patient tower at Dayton Children's.

Dayton Children's Hospital came to us with a need to create content for a fundraising event for the hospital.

The event was organized by the Women’s Board, called Cha Cha. Our objective was to create a video that would be featured at the event, and encourage people to donate for a new communication system to be installed in the patient tower. Ultimately this technology would enhance the relationship between patients and families and their care team - and would create a better environment inside the hospital.

The Work

The Challenge

The technology existed, but we were not able to use it.

Dayton Children’s was in the middle of heavy construction for the new tower, and would be unveiling new patient rooms that incorporated this new technology when the tower opened. So, they asked that we not film in the hospital at all, ideally. And if we did, to not show much of the existing patient rooms.

The bigger challenge was that we had to find a way to connect donors to a cold piece of technology.

The Process

Brian in the field

We learned everything we could about Cha Cha.

Dayton Children's has been a client and partner of ours for some time, but we wanted a deeper understand of this fundraising effort. Who typically goes to this event and what do they do there? What's important to them?

Then we thought: We love kids. So what would get US to donate?


Kids are at the heart of everything Dayton Children’s does and we had to find a way to connect kids to this piece of technology. 

Since this technology directly benefits them, how would they use it, how would they benefit from it, and what would it look and feel like to them?

Kids go to Dayton Children’s because they have an illness, an injury or some health issue that needs to be resolved. So our concept revolved around what would make this piece of technology interesting to a child in the hospital.

Telling the Story

From a storytelling perspective, there was a lot of planning to do.

We had 3 very unique kids to work with, who also happened to be patients at the hospital. Each had their own set of challenges and restrictions. And being one of the hottest summers in recent memory we had to be mindful of just exactly how long we spent with these kids in the summer heat.

Plus, they are kids…and attention spans aren’t infinite.

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  • Aiden And Brian


$600,000 Raised

The Women’s Board for Dayton Children’s was able to raise $600,000 dollars at this event. And The Explorers video kicked things off. This story later inspired a series of other marketing materials: Trading cards with each of the explorers featured, write ups on the website and a social media push. So this video was part of the marketing mix and played a center role.

Dayton Children's crew

Boom Crate created a video that was integral in helping us reach our fundraising goal for the new patient tower.

Grace Jones, Brand Manager - Dayton Children's