Case Study

Dayton Children's Hospital: Tall Tales

JD sitting at table with young girl.

Project Goals

Dayton Children's Hospital came to us to produce their new 2018 commercial campaign. They are well known for their warmth and patient care, but for this series we really wanted to hit home on their expertise. 

Kids are special and require special care when they're sick. And at Dayton Children's they have specialists in more than 35 areas of pediatric care. For this series we focused on neurosurgery, orthopaedics, and the NICU. 

The Work

The Challenge

Every time we work with Dayton Children's we use their actual patients. Whenever you're working with kids, there needs to be special attention paid to them. But when you're working with actual patients, there's an entirely different level of care necessary. JD, our wonderful neuro kid had just had brain surgery 3 weeks prior to filming. What a trooper!

Doctor's working with tools

The Process

Our idea for the campaign was to look at intense situations from the kids perspective. What stories would they tell someone if they had to explain everything they've been through? 

Thus, Tall Tales was born. We used real patient stories and wrote the commercials as if a kid was telling their 'a bit sensationalized' story to others. 

We re-created surgery scenes, playroom scenes and multiple in-office interactions. Filming in a functioning hospital comes with its fair share of challenges, but working with everyone at Dayton Children's is always seamless. The teams are all always ready to jump in and help out because our #1 goal is: It's for the kids.

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