Case Study

Dayton Children's Hospital: The Builder

Brian filming into garage.

The Project

In our initial meeting with Dayton Children's Hospital for this project, we were told "This is one of the most important videos we'll ever produce." 

Then we paused. And took a deep breath. Because, for a client who is already such an important part of the Dayton community and who already means so much to us - being in charge of a video that could be one of the most important things in the history of the hospital felt like a huge challenge. But, as with all things at Boom Crate, we smiled, pushed forward and took the challenge head on.

The Work

The Objective

Dayton Children's had just embarked on the construction of a brand new patient tower. This new tower was a historic addition that would change the face of children's health care in the Dayton region. And with that came the importance of sharing with the community how important kids truly are. 

So, behind closed doors, Dayton Children's worked with an amazing company on the design and construction of a kid-friendly installation that would be unveiled at multiple Grand Opening events in the summer of 2017.

Our job was to introduce this new installation to the community and share with everyone how important this new addition was going to be for kids in the Dayton region.

The Dragonflyer


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The Result

The Dragonflyer was born. And with it, a video that showed the power of a kids imagination. We worked with two amazing kids, Jay and Joy: a brother sister duo with amazing strength and compassion. And wild acting abilities! 

Our concept was to show that even small kids have big ideas and they can make a large impact on everything around them. 

Jay was our 'builder'; the mastermind behind the Dragonflyer, and his entire motivation was making his sister Joy, live up to her name. 

The reactions were real, the determination was fierce, and we couldn't be more proud of how these two amazing kids handled being a part of such a big production.

We hope the Dragonflyer and 'The Builder' mean as much to you as they do to us. This is a project that will go down in history for us at Boom Crate as one of the most inspiring, emotional projects of our career. 

The Awards

This project has already garnered some awesome recognition. In February of 2018 it was awarded 2 gold Addy's for Branded Content and Copywriting, a silver Addy for cinematography and also won the coveted Best of Show honor. It's moving along in competition and we can't wait to see how much others relate to this amazing piece we're so very proud of. 

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