Case Study

Dayton Children's Hospital: Video Visits

Man and child in front of laptop, preparing for a video visit at Dayton Children's Hospital.

Healthcare at your Fingertips

As everyone continues to adapt to these ever-changing times, we must all work together and find ways to innovate. This is especially true in the healthcare industry. Making patients comfortable and helping to ease worry is a difficult challenge, but it's one that Dayton Children's Hospital was determined to solve. Introducing, Video Visits!

Dayton Children's Hospital is such a fun brand to work with. Over the years, some of our most wildly creative projects have come out of this partnership, and we’ve established a deep trust and collaborative workflow with the team at Dayton Children’s. This allows the entire Boom Crate team to truly embrace the creative process from start to finish. A lot of times, with this brand, we lean on live-action to tell their powerful stories, but with some of the challenges that come with being in close proximity right now, we decided on animation to provide a platform to walk patients through a standard video visit.

All Together Now

As with every project, the first step in our creative process involves a lot of brainstorming. With this project - Dayton Children’s wanted to help provide a solution to the concerns parents and patients have right now. For this piece, we tried to get inside the heads of the concerned parents and patients to better understand their anxieties, but also highlight how Video Visits are a great solution to a traditional in-person visit. Luckily, Dayton Children's provided detailed explanations on how their process works, along with a little behind the scenes interacting, making this step in the process pretty seamless.

An illustrated depiction of two team members brainstorming.

Providing Clarity

Once we all had a better understanding of how we wanted to walk through this process and asked ourselves some necessary questions, we passed our jumbled notes and "what-ifs..." to our script-writing wizard. As we worked away on getting final words down on paper, we gathered inspiration on how we want it to look and move.…and after a handful of small tweaks, the design team took the polished script and got to work!

Two written documents with annotations to demonstrate the writing process.

Dressing it Up

Since we’ve established a brand platform for characters and illustration style with Dayton Children’s for this series… (See What to Expect case study here) our thorough pre-production process made the design phase come together pretty quickly. Jake and Anna presented a hand-drawn storyboard to the team, then created a full digital stack of beautifully-executed design frames, ready for animation.

  • DCH VV CS Sketch01
  • DCH VV CS Sketch03
  • DCH VV CS Sketch05
  • DCH VV CS Sketch02
  • DCH VV CS Sketch04
  • DCH VV CS Sketch06
A collection of final styleframes for the Dayton Children's: Video Visits Animation

Animation is Concentration

We put our heads together in an attempt to bring justice to such artistic design. To do so, Jake and Hunter challenged us to bring new techniques for these designs. We wanted individuals to feel as if they had a very specific engagement - and the idea of animating mouth movements to bring an additional humanized component to the suite of characters was important to us. Additionally, we experimented with frame rates and textures, to ensure the whimsy of the brand was carried out throughout the entire piece. As we approached the finish line, we passed off a handful of drafts to our friend Andy over at Waveform to start adding sound to help round out the final animation.

  • Cel
  • Lock min
  • Slideout v2 min
  • Talking Character to Laptop Transition min
  • Head Rig v2 min
  • Phone Transition to Laptop v2 1 min

The Final Piece

Some Time to Reflect

We consider it a huge honor to do such fun and inspiring work for even better people like the team at Dayton Children's. Their unwavering trust and encouragement make our hearts warm, and to do work that is making a difference for parents and kids in our community, by helping communicate such an important solution during such challenging times, is an honor. It just goes to show that the power of a good story is ever important, and is a valuable tool that can solve problems, and even help ease worry. And we're thrilled to be a part of getting these stories out there.