Case Study

Derwent: Inktense

Derwent Filming Set

Essential Tools

As artists, we don't always have the opportunity to work on products directly related to what we do on a day-to-day basis. So when Derwent, one of the most renowned global art suppliers, approached us to help them highlight their Inktense line of products in a new, digital way, we jumped at the chance. The Boom Crate team got our start In traditional mediums and always try to find ways to use traditional art in our projects whenever we can and translate these skills over to a digital world.

Getting Inspired

During the early days of the pandemic, being in person wasn't possible. So Derwent couldn't showcase their products to an audience in person or do live demonstrations. Filming live also presented some challenges. Not being able to have our team together in the studio due to COVID-19 restrictions forced us to think differently. So we found a solution. A Dining room studio.

When we first received the products from Derwent, we found inspiration staring us right in the face. The professional quality of these materials was incredible. And showing consumers how to use them was a challenge we took head on.

Brian & Kelly Mercers Home Dining Room VIdeo Set

Research. Learn. Repeat.

We worked with Derwent artists around the globe, on video chats, getting their opinions of the Inktense family of products, gathering samples and developing sample artwork of our own. We learned the ins and outs of each medium. This helped us get a better understanding of how these products are used and how to use them differently.

Setting The Stage

Creating a custom set for filming in a dining room at home, presented some space issues and we wanted to ensure that our set was well organized and able to focus on the artwork we were creating. With the final set designed, we were ready to begin! While filming happened, we designed graphics that didn't overpower the footage or art projects, but assisted the audience as they follow along.

The Final Videos

Looking Back

From tie-dye to painted ceramic pots, we had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty. It was truly a pleasure to be able to get back into the studio after an interesting start the year and create content to help people stay busy while staying safe at home. You can see these videos across all of Derwent's social channels. More to come!