Case Study

Ideal Image: Brand Story

A Brand Worth Exploring

Ideal Image is a custom manufacturer of interior design furniture for high-end auto, cruise ship dealers and healthcare industries. When they needed a new video to ensure they could share all of their capabilities, we decided upon a mixed-media format to tell their story.

As creators and makers, it's easy to identify those that possess a true passion for what they do. The first time we met the team over at Ideal Image, we were sure of it. This small but mighty group was dedicated to being the best at what they do. Often looked at as merely cabinet-makers, Ideal Image is a one-stop powerhouse that creates stunning displays for a wide variety of applications. From high-end auto retailers to healthcare, Ideal Image brings your brand to life.

After getting to know Ideal Image and their full range of capabilities a little better, we were tasked with creating a brand story that was both informative and bold. They wanted to show though that they aren't just furniture-makers, but rather a tight-knit team that can meet any demand. A sales tool that would help drive new leads, but also share their unique story. Easy enough, right?

Boom Crate House Rule #1: Work Hard. Needless to say, that's exactly what we did. Together, we came up with a direction for this story that was authentic and powerful that also incorporated a modern graphics package to help elevate the footage we planned on capturing. After some general tweaking to both the concept and the script, we set out to the next step of our pre-production process: Storyboarding.

Ideal Image Case Study Storyboard for Brand Story

As storyboards came to life through collaboration, shot lists were composed and filming dates were set. We often use storyboards as a general outline for the story we want to tell and then building on those shots once on set. This way, we have more footage to play around with once we get to the post-production phase.

Overall, shooting with the Ideal Image team was a blast. Their facility was massive, allowing us to capture every part of their process. From design to fabrication, the precise nature of their process was inspiring.

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  • IMG 0007
  • IMG 0014
  • IMG 0021
  • IMG 0020
  • IMG 0010

As the footage was shot, reference stills were used to ensure graphic compositions were lining up with those in the storyboard, and enough space was left for graphics. These reference shots also allowed our team to get to work laying in the graphics and animation package. The goal was to enhance the footage rather than dominate it with graphics to create a balance.

The Final Piece

Editing, animation, and sound design: Here you have it. A story of capabilities and passion. Enjoy!

Antibacterial Product Line

Given the success of the brand story, during the pandemic Ideal Image needed materials to assist in getting the word out about their amazing antibacterial products and came to us to help create the content to inform their audience in a time when getting together presented a lot of challenges.
The antibacterial video line was created and helped Ideal Image continue to secure additional contracts and grow their product line in the antibacterial space.


Ideal Image found huge success with their videos. Not only did it help them stand out from their competition as a team worth taking seriously, but it secured them several new accounts.

And this is why we do what we do. To tell great stories for great people, companies and brands.