Case Study

MVRPC: Air Quality Awareness Program

The MVRPC logo over a series of illustrated clouds.

Storytelling that Influences Design

When the Miami Valley Regional Planning Committee asked us to help refresh branding for their Air Quality Alert program, we were happy to explore options. The MVRPC branding is lively and features an extensive color palette, and we were excited to translate some of those same qualities over to the Air Quality Alert branding.

Along with the logo, we created additional collateral materials and new animated broadcast commercials. Our team was excited to create materials that would directly impact our community.

The Mark

The Air Quality Alert program has to convey that you need to pay attention. Because this logo would be used to signify an alert about air quality in the region, people had to know to pay attention to it.

We started with an idea, rooted in a simple, primary shape that complimented the main brand, then began focusing on color and organization of graphic lines. Then we experimented.

What does it look like when color is added? How does it look when it's microscopic? Does it read the same on a billboard as it would on a business card? All were important as this would be used in multiple formats across the region.

Close up shot of Adobe Illustrator showing multiple iterations of the Air Quality Alert logo with color examples.
Final Air Quality Alert logo, showing old versus new.

Informative Illustration

Once we had the final logo ready, we started in on supporting collateral and wanted to develop a fun, eye-catching illustration style. These materials would be used to educate the community about air pollution, it's general effects, the steps individuals can take to improve the air quality, and how to read air quality alerts sent out by MVRPC.

Old One Sheet for the MVRPC Air Quality Awareness Program.
Some explorations for how to update the one-sheet.
Close ups of main illustration & updated icons
Updated Air Quality Awareness Program One Sheet

The Animation

After working through the brand elements, we developed the storyline for a 30-second and 15-second animated broadcast commercial. We followed our process of creating a hand-drawn storyboard, creating digital files, and then prepping those files for animation. These unique graphics turned into a brief, but informative piece highlighting some of the small steps you can take to reduce air pollution.

Final Animation

In Review

Overall, this was a rewarding project to be a part of. The end products solved the challenges of communicating information while making the content more engaging. We're grateful to partner with clients like MVRPC that trust us enough to change things up when taking a different approach to brining stories to life!

It was fun getting to work with such a colorful palette and using texture to really bring the illustrations to life.

Anna Beneke, Multimedia Designer