Case Study

Ohio's Hospice: Celebrating Life's Stories

Ohio's Hospice of Dayton

A Different Look at Hospice

At Ohio's Hospice, the lives people live are important to celebrate. Not just in their final moments, but all throughout their lives.

And when they created their new initiative, Celebrating Life's Stories, they partnered with Boom Crate to craft a strong story that showed their commitment to the moments that make life special.

Finding the Right Tone

We wanted to ensure we got the voice of Ohio's Hospice just right. Since this campaign was going to be used all across Ohio to highlight each of their affiliates, the tone needed to speak to the consistency of care across the state.

The story we crafted focused on the moments in life that make it worth celebrating. Cupcakes, gardening, long drives, and family dinners. We tried to strike the balance between love, hope and honor.

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Producing A Story Worth Celebrating

Production for this spanned 8 days and had us coordinating 12 locations and 40 talent. It was a labor of love and we are so proud of how the final story turned out.

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