Case Study

PSA Airlines: Jeff Mabry

Mabry setting up for flight

Expand the PSA brand by highlighting their team.

PSA Airlines came to us with the initiative to expand their brand and hire pilots. They were looking to hire 1500 new pilots.

The goal was to enhance the brand, show the company culture and connect with pilots. Pilots needed to recognize PSA as more than just an airline that they could fly with - it had to be THE airline to fly for.

The Work

The Challenge

Aviation is a wildly competitive space. 

PSA is already wholly owned by American Airlines - so they have the backing of the largest airline in the world. But they needed more than that. Pilots needed to experience PSA, not just read about them.

The Process

Mabry checking an airplane

We began with researching aviation. 

We talked to dozens of pilots - interviewed leadership teams, did study on generation Z and millennials to look at what the personalities of the pilots actually were that would be applying for jobs. We looked at PSA, it’s history, the culture of the industry.


Mabry and the skyline

The videos kicked off with a social initiative and the internal team at PSA had a strong vision for how to show excitement across all channels. The videos reinforced features and benefits of PSA and tied a personality to the brand. You can see what the pilots look like and feel what they experience. You can begin to see what PSA is all about.

Pilot stories are something potential pilots, cadets, and employed pilots loved. This is a growing series and has become a multi-leveled series of pilot stories, cadet stories, and career stories that were produced to show what it’s like at PSA.


Over 1,000 Pilots Hired

PSA went from having a couple of videos to now having a bank of video content that continues to grow. And the engagement and brand enhancement that comes along with it continues to thrive. 

Each of these videos is also garnering between 25,000–40,000 views in their first few months of release. This means a lot of views on PSA.