Case Study

PSA Airlines: Helping Hands

Airline customer walking through airport

The Purpose

Each department at PSA Airlines plays a critical role in getting planes off the ground and to their destinations safely. PSA Airlines asked us to help explain the relationship between them in an effort to solidify purpose for everyone within the organization. 

Video Alone Wasn't Enough

Why do something simple, when you can do something extraordinary!? 

When we brainstormed ideas, the thought of combining the things we do well came instantly to mind. Video plus animation. Why not combine killer illustration with live pilot, flight attendant, maintenance and control hands? This choreographed dance would create a dynamic that would be expressed in a realistic way. This also helped us bring the scale in so we could show how large an impact that each department makes.

The Process

  • Mogt Characterillustration 1A
  • Mogt Character Illustration 2A
  • Mogt Character Illustration2
  • Mogt Characterillustration1
Full airport illustration

Bringing it to Life

Beyond illustrating and animating each frame, we also had to film all the live action hands so they would interact at the exact right moments with the illustrations on screen. We spent a lot of time mapping out exact keyframes in between movements and building green screen sets to ensure that each segment would be to scale turned into a long, but fun and rewarding shoot. After multiple rehearsals, we all suited up in flight attendant and pilot gear and brought Helping Hands to life.