Case Study

PSA Airlines: The PSA Way

PSA Way Promotional Image

Values for Operation

At PSA, having a solid path that guides operation is an essential part of running a successful airline. The PSA Way is the set of values that PSA Airlines is built upon. To share these values company wide, we approached this with custom illustration and animation; crafting unique micro-movements to bring their values to life, while utilizing some more abstract animations to convey the importance of these values.

The Work

Our Approach

Knowing that this was one of the very first animations for PSA’s steady-growing library of content, we felt that showcasing a design style that was true to PSA, and their parent company, American Airlines was important. It needed to feel as comfortable as a conversation with anyone inside the organization, yet direct enough to showcase the importance of following these values. By keeping the illustrations simple enough to digest and combining them with some more abstract movements, we were able to provide PSA with exactly what an animated set of values that people instantly gravitated towards.

Initial Process Shots for The PSA Way animation

The Process

  • 2018 1 17 Psaway Sketch1
  • 2018 1 17 Psaway Sketch3
  • 2018 1 17 Psaway Sketch2

The Result

Our storyboarding process allowed us to flush out a number of ideas as we continually refined the script to match, all along creating short animatics to help us narrow down on a flow for the animation to follow. The attention to detail, ensuring the illustrations and movements mimicked things found in the aviation industry significantly helped to round this piece out, settling on a piece that we're proud to stand behind. Enjoy!