Case Study

The James Group: Real Estate. Real Impact.

Chip brainstorming

Stand Out...In a Flooded Market

A small realtor group in Dayton wanted to find a way to stand out. No bus wraps. No billboards. No TV ads. But something beyond the print ads they were already doing. With approximately 2000 realtors in Dayton - The James Group needed a strong voice.

The Work

The Challenge

Everyone knows someone.

In the Dayton and surrounding market, everyone knows someone who either sells real estate on the side, or has a full blown business. So creating a model that has a following is hard. But within moments of our initial meeting with Chip, the lead realtor, we knew he had a business that was something different.

The Process

Sketchbook with notes.

We began with discovering what made The James Group unique. 

It wasn’t the fact that he could sell houses. Chip was a realtor in the top 1% in the state of Ohio. His average property was on market less than 30 days. So he could certainly sell. But how could he begin streamlining the kind of clients he wanted to help? 

Through our research, we discovered that with Chip, it wasn't a cold transaction. He didn't simply want to help you buy or sell your house. He wanted help you find your home. We discovered that instead of buying his clients a closing gift - something completely expected in the industry - Chip instead donated to a charity or cause the client held in high regard.

This was our story. So instead of telling everyone how great he was at selling houses, Chips video needed to be about what the relationship would be like should a client choose The James Group.


Hundreds of Views in 24 hours

Launched as a social media initiative this video had hundreds of views in the first 24 hours. And it continued to grow into the thousands across multiple channels. For a small realtor this was huge exposure. 

It was pushed on social media and through emails he used to connect with current and potential clients. They shared it with their friends and family. Who shared it with their friends and family. It felt good to partner with someone who was doing great things for the community. 

Chip can clearly sell houses - but he wanted to do more than that. He wanted to create a legacy of giving that transcended a transaction. In a sea of 2000 realtors in the Dayton market - he was showing why you should choose Chip James.

The James Group

The success of this campaign connected me with clients who wanted to make a difference, together.

Chip James, Lead Realtor - The James Group