Derwent: Chromaflow Launch & Influencer Kit


Derwent: Chromaflow Launch & Influencer Kit

Derwent is an art material company owned by ACCO Brands. They sell industry-leading art products for professionals across many disciplines. Derwent asked us to help them launch a new colored pencil line targeting younger, new artists – an audience they’d never directly targeted before. It was important for us to execute an interesting project for a successful launch and make it clear that although these pencils were made for beginner artists, they were a very high-quality product. So, the Chromaflow influencer kits were born.



What We Did

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The influencer kit was a custom built box mailed to select young artists with a large following on social media who had the ability to accurately use and review the new pencils. The 16 hand-selected young artists had a wide range of styles and experience. The influencer kits were personalized with the influencers name or instagram handle on the lid. Inside the box was a unique acrylic frame with high-quality drawing paper along with a 24 pack of Derwent Chromaflow pencils to work with. Fun items included a sticker sheet, an acrylic pin, and a link to a custom curated drawing playlist. A beautiful instruction sheet helped them assemble their kit and provided prompts on how to share social media posts with their reviews.

This one-of-a-kind influencer kit needed to excite our influencers and provide a way for them to encourage their followers to use the pencils too. We prototyped, designed, built, assembled and shipped each box by hand. This project pushed our team to think and work differently, but a few days after launch, the pencils sold out on Amazon.


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Behind the Scenes

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Each box was loving created by hand – from the prototype through design and final production. And, in the studio, our office dog, Rigsby befriended Olivia – the young artist on the set of our Chromaflow launch commercial.

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