PSA Airlines: Katherine’s Story

PSA Airlines

PSA Airlines: Katherine’s Story

As part of the updated PSA Pilot Campaign, we had the opportunity to tell stories of PSA Pilots and their journey leading up to becoming a Pilot, and their experience of being a Pilot at PSA. We were thrilled to work with these talented and successful Pilots, learning about their passions, goals and drive for what they do. Katherine’s story.



What We Did

Messaging, Video, Concepting

PSA offers multiple benefits and opportunities to their employees. Katherine highlighted PSA’s Cadet Mentorship Program, the Women in Aviation International Organization and her growth as a person and Pilot at PSA.


Behind the Scenes

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Sometimes its hard to explain how fun our jobs can be! A few members of our crew got to fly out to Arizona to meet Katherine and capture her in the location where her story began.

While on the trip, Brian, Kelly and Emily had to make a pit-stop at the famous Pizzeria Bianco. If you haven’t watched Chris Bianco on Chef’s Table: Pizza… go now and take in the beauty. Once you watch, you’ll understand why it was a necessary part of the trip. For anyone that’s wondering… it was the best pizza they’d ever eaten.

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