Solvita Brand Launch Story


Solvita Brand Launch Story

Since 1964 Community Blood Center has provided life-saving blood units to the Dayton region. But after expanding nationally and internationally, they've helped thousands of hospitals and facilities around the world. In 1986, Community Blood Center launched the Dayton Regional Tissue Bank, later renamed Community Tissue Services, to help patients in need of life-saving or life-enhancing tissue grafts. After decades of success and growth, it was time to rebrand under one name and one purpose. We were honored to help them in this charge - and brought the brand to life with a beautiful story about the promise that life can bring. Our goal was to construct their story in an authentic way, evoking emotion from all stakeholders, sharing what the brand means to people and showing who the brand exists to serve: people. We present: Solvita. From one, to many.



What We Did

Strategy, Messaging, Video, Writing, Animation, Branding

Over the course of a few beautiful weeks, we filmed at 12 locations, with roughly 40 ‘talent’ to appear in the video.  We are greatful to the Solvita employees and their families for helping us make this video a reality!

It was important that we represent the wide range of people who are directly impacted by Solvita and the work that they do. These donors, recipients, families, employees, and community members are the heart and soul of Solvita.

Nearly everyone on set had a personal tie to Solvita, making this brand story even more special to capture.

The Sketching Process

Once we had a concept and script, we got to work sketching each scene, strategically planning scenarios and relationships to highlight visually. It was important that we captured how a connection is created between donors, teams, and patients and how, through one selfless act – a person’s life is forever changed.

This video shows a multitude of points of impact. We used many people – allowing those directly impacted by the brand to carry the message through, that Solvita create promise for a life…tomorrow.


Behind the Scenes

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We had the pleasure of capturing these amazing people in the most beautiful locations. In one of the scenes, Brian even got to show off his 1964 Nova! A true team effort, everyone from team Boom Crate had a hand in this project in one way or another.

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