Boys & Girls Club of Dayton: SPARK 2022

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton

Boys & Girls Club of Dayton: SPARK 2022

We LOVE The Boys and Girls Club of Dayton. This organization proves that when kids have a safe and positive environment that supports them...anything is possible. Each year, the organization presents an event called SPARK to raise money for resources for the club. SPARK is held in October, and we were tasked with telling an emotional story to entices donors to open their minds, hearts, and wallets to help provide for the kids in our communities.



What We Did

Video, Writing, Concepting, Strategy, Messaging

We love doing meaningful work for our community and this project was very special to our team. We were able to work with great people doing great work, and, our team attended the SPARK event and were able to witness the impact first-hand.

The generous donations from the community will directly impact and support kids in our community, giving them more access to learning about STEM careers, opportunities, and creating new passions. These programs are built to inspire the kids as the next generation of doers and thinkers in our community.

The Boys & Girls Club of Dayton is a wonderful organization, changing the lives of children in the Dayton community every single day.


$600,000+ raised

The Dayton Community donated more than $600,000 to support the STEM Education programs and facility reinvestment.


CareSource pledged a $300,000 matching donation to spur the community into action.

Multiple advocates

There were dozens of advocates and supporters of the SPARK 2022 event.


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Behind the Scenes

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