American Advertising Awards – AAF-Dayton Show

AAF Dayton

American Advertising Awards – AAF-Dayton Show

The AAF-Dayton American Advertising Awards, locally known as The Hermes, is a Dayton Creative Advertising Awards event. The show is usually in-person, but was virtual in 2022. We were tasked with designing a show that was exciting and engaging even while virtual without a host or guests together in person. After brainstorming concepts, we decided to focus on the new AAF-Dayton color palette, incorporating bold graphic elements and textures with a voice over announcer.



What We Did

Animation, Illustration, Design, Concepting

During in-person years, everyone is eager to spend the night celebrating together and discussing the year’s successes…so this challenged us to create something that brought that same level of excitement and energy to people at home. It was a challenging, but rewarding task to navigate this new approach to an event so important to the creative community.

After the show

To recap the show and the category winners, we created a post-show results book for the viewers. The results book displayed the gold, silver and bronze winners and remaining entries from each category. Each project listed included the team credits and an image of the work. The book also included the judge’s bios, judge’s awards, the Mosaic award and Best of Show.


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