Care Credit


Care Credit

CareCredit has software specifically designed for veterinarian practices. We were tasked with creating an engaging animated video that highlights the benefits CareCredit Integration provides. We loved having the ability to inject a little humor into our pet characters and whimsy into the concept. Whether it was a vet tech tied up in a bit more than just paperwork, a dog taking off with the help of some new wheels, to a cat being . . . well...being a cat. We delivered information in a succinct, easy to process story.



What We Did

Animation, Illustration, Design, Branding, Concepting, Writing

The Sketching Process

Once we wrote the script and got concept approvals, we got to work sketching the beautiful world and veterinarian office. We spend much of the pre-production time creating a strong vision for what the composition and final design boards will look like.

We’re pet people at Boom Crate and one of the best parts of the sketching process was getting to draw a lot of pets! Representing many different breeds, sizes, and personalities was definitely a highlight. Plus, some were even inspired by our own pets!

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