CarCare Credit Card – Consumer Campaign


CarCare Credit Card – Consumer Campaign

The Synchrony CarCare credit card allows cardholders to pay for auto-related expenses in a convenient way. We were tasked with creating an animated video that highlighted the benefits of the card in relatable, everyday scenarios. We were also given the opportunity to establish an entirely new style for the brand, experimenting with different characters, pushing outside a visual comfort zone and creating a piece we were all very proud of. While we can't show the entire project for this campaign, you'll get a great sense for style, animation techniques and visual compositions in our character processes below!



What We Did

Animation, Illustration, Design, Branding, Concepting

Character design requires attention to detail: movements, nuances, and realistic scenarios help sell an animated character. But adding individual personality to our visual compositions created whimsical scenes that were both fun and relatable.


Designing and animating new characters can be tricky but we’re always up for a challenge. After establishing the style – we brought the characters to life. Creating multiple, unique characters allowed us the flexibility to have interchangeable elements that made our animations more robust, more efficient and more exciting to execute.

We used classic techniques including animation tests, frame-by-frame drawings and animatics to give us an idea of how to our characters could move in their scenes and interact in a more realistic way. It’s always rewarding when a vision comes to life!

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