Kettering Health – Cincinnati Bengals: Crucial Catch

Kettering Health

Kettering Health – Cincinnati Bengals: Crucial Catch

Kettering Health has been a fantastic partner of ours for over a decade. In 2022, they became the official healthcare partner of the Cincinnati Bengals. A big focus of promoting the partnership is to encourage the community to get screened for cancer. As part of the NFL initiative Crucial Catch, both the Bengals and Kettering Health organizations are committed to providing their fans with the information they need to get screened for cancer. When Kettering Health approached us about partnering on this campaign, we dove in immediately. And, during concepting, we were lucky enough to land Coach Zac Taylor as our spokesperson and partner on the project.



What We Did

Video, Writing, Photography, Concepting, Strategy, Messaging

As an NFL Coach…Coach Taylor is an in-demand guy. But, because he believes in the partnership between Kettering Health and The Bengals, he was generous enough to give us a 6 hour window of time to film with him. Throughout the course of these 6 hours, we filmed at both Kettering Health Hamilton and Paycor Stadium. At Paycor, we filmed Coach in multiple spaces to showcase how he prepares for a season. We wanted to show Coach Taylor in his own space, making the commercials feel natural, interesting, and a little like you were getting a behind the scenes look at what it takes for him to prepare.

To highlight how important the partnership is to the Bengals as well, Coach Taylor joined us at Kettering Health Hamilton. Here, multiple Kettering Health Cancer Patients had the opportunity to connect with Coach Taylor one-on-one. We captured laughs, smiles, and some unexpected ‘quotes of the day’. And it’s truly an experience none of us will forget.

Between the inspiring patients receiving cancer treatments, the amazing team we worked with at Kettering Health, the fantastic nurses and staff at Kettering Health Hamilton, the Bengal’s organization and of course….Coach Taylor, the collaboration was something we’ll always remember. We are grateful for our partnership and excited for everyone to engage with this campaign. This project truly was teamwork at its best.

The Preparation

7 set ups for video and photography in 6 hours, at 2 locations was an intense schedule. In planning for what we knew would be a super tight timeframe to capture everything we needed, we pre-lit and planned most of our scenes on site at Paycor the day before our filming day with Coach Taylor. Our hand drawn schematics and final set up plans helped us with efficiencies, keeping track of gear at each site and speeding up our transition times between set ups. Special shout out to our amazing photographer Cameron Braun who snapped the MOST on set, along with ridiculously amazing shots of Coach Taylor. A true talent.

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Kettering Health and the Cincinnati Bengals are working together to help provide fans and the community with the tools they need to educate themselves on early detection of cancer and ways to reduce their risk of developing severe cancer. To learn more about your screening options visit


Behind the Scenes

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We had a blast on set at Kettering Health Hamilton and Paycor Stadium. The Kettering Health and Bengals teams were amazing to work with and we couldn’t be more grateful for the final product, the teamwork and collaboration from everyone.

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