Derwent: Art Products


Derwent: Art Products

During the early days of the pandemic, being in person ton produce work was almost impossible. So Derwent wasn't able to showcase their products to an audience in person or do live demonstrations. So, we were forced to think differently. Enter the dining room studio. Tackling social content videos with art tutorials seemed like the perfect way to keep our minds off the uncertainty the pandemic was creating. The info series of videos helped Derwent keep their products top of mind and continue to lead in the art supply space they're known for.



What We Did

Strategy, Messaging, Video, Writing, Social, Branding, Concepting, Content

We worked with Derwent artists around the globe, on video chats, getting their opinions of the Inktense family of products, gathering samples and developing sample artwork for the products. We learned the ins and outs of each medium to get a better understanding of how these products are used and how to use them differently across multiple projects. The final video series helped tell consumers how to create art at home using Derwent products.

Looking Back

From tie-dye to painted ceramic pots, we had a lot of fun getting our hands on these supplies. It was a pleasure to be able to get to work after an interesting start to the year.


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