Grandma’s Gardens Brand Refresh

Grandma's Gardens

Grandma’s Gardens Brand Refresh

Grandma’s Gardens is a 14 acre, family-owned garden center with a legacy of exceptional products and service and is loved by many in the community. Grandma’s asked us to help them refresh and re-position their brand, website and supporting materials in a way that would help attract a younger audience, while continuing to provide connection to their existing clientele. This project was near and dear to our hearts...if you've ever met the family that owns the garden'll understand just how special they are, and why it was important for us to get this project right.



What We Did

Branding, Concepting, Strategy, Messaging, Video, Writing, Animation, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Design

We kept the integrity of the nostalgic logo in tact and made minor updates to bring the logo into a more modern space. We cleaned up the lines, simplified the curves and increased legibility. We also adding hatching, an artistic technique to create a tonal shading effect. This technique found in vintage illustrations grounds the brand in nostalgia, while updating the overall look and feel. Rather than doing away with the brand’s existing typography, we complemented it with a similar style — to increase legibility and creating appropriate layouts for use in headlines and call-outs across the newly updated brand materials.

Refreshing the web presence of Grandma’s Gardens was a big step in reshaping the brand. Grandma’s Gardens has a beautiful property, amazing inventory and a wonderful connection for families to the outdoors. We created an easy-to-navigate website that clearly tells this story and can provide a platform for growth as the garden center grows and changes.

Along with the website, we updated their weekly newsletter. We incorporated more white space, new photography and typographical hierarchy from our new brand updates. We created multiple templates the internal team could use and organize when weekly content needed to be sent to customers and prospective customers.




Behind the Scenes

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We also created instructional videos teaching customers how to do various garden tasks. One of the first videos was how to properly plant a tree. Following this were videos on how to create a porch pot arrangement, and many more. At Grandma’s the ability to create beautiful content is endless!

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