Dayton Children’s: Cha Cha 2022

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Dayton Children’s: Cha Cha 2022

Every other year, Dayton Children’s holds a fundraiser that focuses on raising money for something of great importance for the kids in our community. In 2022, the fundraiser focused on three hospital initiatives – care transformation, mental health, and health equity. We were tasked with creating a film that could help influence donors to give money. The film we presented had the opportunity to change the perspective of individuals, encouraging them want to look deeper into what they saw and discover how they could look beyond face value to support the best for the kids in their community.



What We Did

Writing, Concepting, Messaging, Video

There are many kids in our community that are struggling with mental health, overcoming economic barriers and lacking the resources at home necessary for continued wellness and success. Now, more than ever we need to change our perspective and join together to solve the problems our children face now.

We knew the importance that each initiative held individually and wanted to highlight them accurately and equally. We had to tell three different stories, showing what care transformation, mental health and health equity might look like right here in our community.

Over the course of a few weeks, we filmed in multiple locations and inside the hospital. Representing what real life looks like for families in our region was important and highlighting real challenges families face became priority one.

Dayton Children’s is a wonderful organization, continuously taking steps to better the overall health and wellness of kids and families in our community.


An exciting event

Premiering at the Dayton Arcade, this large event brought together advocates from all over the region who wanted to raise funds to help the children in our community.

$1,100,000 raised

The Dayton Community donated more than $1,100,000 in support of mental health, advancing care and health equity at Dayton Children’s.

Unlimited potential

Dayton Children’s is a world-class organization dedicated to providing optimal health for every child within their reach.


AAF Dayton Gold Addy
AAF Dayton Mosaic Award


Behind the Scenes

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We always look forward to the Cha Cha fundraiser, being able to help raise money for important causes and working with the wonderful team at Dayton Children’s. This year’s story blew us away, with teens and kids effortlessly portraying tough situations and helping us share impactful stories that thoughtfully change perspectives.

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