Ohio’s Hospice: The Power of Together

Ohio's Hospice

Ohio’s Hospice: The Power of Together

We've had the pleasure of partnering with Ohio’s Hospice for more than 7 years and this not-for-profit, community-based hospice is committed to meeting the needs of patients and families in the communities they serve. As the company continued to expand across the state of Ohio, they needed a tool that would reinforce their mission and vision to all employees. We were tasked with creating a video that represented everything Ohio's Hospice means to employees, patients and families across the state of Ohio.



What We Did

Writing, Concepting, Messaging, Video

It was important for us to represent the important elements within the organization and the locations across the state. Over the course of 2 days we filmed in different locations with 10 actors and actresses representing all the important roles at Ohio’s Hospice.

Creating emotional scenes to tell the stories of care and recreate the locations where they happen, laid the foundation for a story that that feels important, authentic and powerful.

The Sketching Process

Our sketches truly help us visualize the way a project can come together and if a story will be successful. Frames of the storyboard help us visualize the locations and interactions we need to capture. We had a good understanding of the overall feel of the video, and using sketches made it easier to add in specific details within each frame.





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