ThinkTV: Mind Frame


ThinkTV: Mind Frame

It’s a tough subject to talk about, but the need is continuously growing. The kids in our community are struggling with depression, anxiety, suicide, substance abuse and more. We need to take action and provide resources for our kids… before it’s too late. ThinkTV created Mind Frame: an online series that speaks about youth mental health - targeted for middle schoolers. Partnerships are the heart and soul of Boom Crate and ThinkTV came to us to help creating the branding for the series and all the animated storytelling to supplement the live action. With such tough subject matter - this style needed to be lighthearted and engaging to provide some breathing room from the heavy content portrayed.



What We Did

Illustration, Branding, Concepting, Animation

Creating The Logo

Middle schoolers would need something to connect to visually. This logo needed to represent the series, but also be something that spoke to this younger audience. Since Mind Frame was, in part about how brains are developing, we wanted to take the general shape of a brain and visually connect the brain shape to the title. After dozens of sketches – we landed on 5 possible directions.

In the end ThinkTV chose our more ‘brainy’ logo. And Mind Frame was officially born. What followed was some of the most fun we’ve had creating characters, scenes, backgrounds and supporting elements – for a series that is so important to our youth.

The Exploration

Deciding on a direction that focused on unique individuals all living in this world, we explored multiple drawing styles, different styles of animation, textures and hatch patterns to find a way that would feel whimsical, but also connected to the everyday world these middle schoolers encountered every day.

Textures, patterns and multiple layers of bright colors became the foundation for everything we created. In the end – everything felt cohesive and worked together to support the beautiful interviews that were produced by ThinkTV, as well as the performances by our young hosts – who were middle schoolers themselves!

With a series completion date looming on the horizon, and upwards of 15 minutes of animated content to be developed, we illustrated and created numerous characters, scenes, backgrounds and supporting illustrations. Playing around with a unique, bright color palette and a youthful style helped us develop a unique direction – focused around a few diverse characters and their experiences.

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