Kettering Health: Sarah Miracle – Bengals Story

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Kettering Health: Sarah Miracle – Bengals Story

Sarah Miracle is a PAC-U nurse at Kettering Main Hospital. Her dad, Paul Miracle is her biggest fan and supporter. Paul was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2019 and Sarah made it her mission to bring her dad joy in the toughest time of his life. The two spent their whole lives bonding over football and The Cincinnati Bengals, but had no idea how special the 2022 season would be. As the Bengals continued their storybook season, Sarah came to terms with the fact that her dad may not get to experience many more Bengals games. So she started a GOFund me account, raising enough money to attend each Bengals playoff game, including the Super Bowl. We were lucky enough to share their story - and we could not be more grateful to have met both Sarah and her dad Paul. Sadly, Paul passed away in early 2023, but his legacy of perseverance will live on.



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