Dayton-Phoenix Group Documentary

Dayton-Phoenix Group

Dayton-Phoenix Group Documentary

Dayton Phoenix Group is a Dayton based leading supplier of electrical and locomotive components for the industrial and railroad markets. In May 2019, Dayton, Ohio experienced an unprecedented tornado emergency where upwards of 15 tornados touched down all over the region. DPG was in the direct path of the strongest and deadliest tornado of the night. With a 12 person night shift crew working inside the facility, they prepared for the worst. The tornado hit DPG head-on, moving through the plant in less than a minute. The building was destroyed. Then came the painful, but inspiring process of rebuilding. We were lucky enough to capture this beautiful documentary so they could continue to inspire their teams, long into the future.



What We Did

Video, Writing, Concepting

From the very beginning, there was no doubt that DPG would move forward. But then, a global pandemic hit and changed things once again. Even through uncertainty, DPG moved forward… together. DPG Strong.

DPG’s unwavering promise to their mission directly impacted their employees, giving them hope for the future.  Their entire staff, and wonderful leadership kept us inspired throughout the entire process of filming. Spanning nearly 3 years, this project was a true labor of love.

Dayton-Phoenix Groups is a resilient and faithful organization, continuing to support and provide for their teams and partners in the community. We couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of their journey. We met so many inspiring people along the way, and count our blessings to have been a part of such an amazing project.

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